Servive Provided: Audio engineer pre or post prodution.

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Servive Provided: Audio engineer pre or post prodution.

Post  Solace on Mon Jul 14, 2008 8:57 pm

Its cool to post up services here if you guys want just use the topic Service wanted or Service provided so people know what it is.

I am a accomplished engineer so if anyone needs any help with audio editing, mixing or mastering feel free to hit me up, huge discounts to the forum fam ( Fully mastered cd's as low as 300.00 ) My studio is mainly post production and I run a Nuendo and Wavelab editing suite with Benchmark D/A converter. I offer free test audio so feel free to email me something you would like to hear with a true A/B comparrison and I have a folder full of all styles of cds I have either mixed or mastered for refence if you would like to hear something.

Anyway feel free to use this section is you do audio or design or sell beats or whatever just don't get crazy and limit your services to 1 post that you may bump every month or so.


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