Going the EMU Software route

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Going the EMU Software route Empty Going the EMU Software route

Post  Solace on Fri Jul 11, 2008 6:42 pm

There are plenty of reasons to go the software route and buy a emulator or sampler and load it full of all the sounds of the classic modules. If you are one of those people here are some sites with free sounds from emu and there developers. If you know of or would like to post up free patches or samples from your collection feel free. *We cannot allow pirated software or sounds here thanks.


Digital Sound Factory brings you high quality SoundFont samples to provide you with all of the sounds you need to produce music in a software environment, ranging in scope from the classic sound of vintage hardware instruments, to sound effects for film, to sounds recorded in remote African jungles. These sample banks are compatible with most audio applications including: Creative EAX, Sonar, Cubase, Reason, Halion, Kontakt, GarageBand, EmulatorX/ProteusX and many more.

Get the free soundfonts from legendary products here.


Go right to the source and get sound kits from EMU here


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