how to use more than 16 tracks at the same time

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how to use more than 16 tracks at the same time Empty how to use more than 16 tracks at the same time

Post  balma on Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:45 am

USING 31 TRACKS (plus 15 knob automatization individual tracks) inside a pattern....

For being able to run 31 tracks, no matter the MIDI destination, you must use the MULTI A or MULTI B functions.

You can play the 31 tracks at the same time (watch out for poly, dude) but you won't be able to mute/unmute 16 of them. Mutes for tracks store on Multi A must be recorded as a knob tweak.

Record the 16 tracks that later will be send with the MultiA or MultiB track .

Remember to select for the Multi A or Multi B function, a low number track. They have the highest priority when talking about MIDI flowing.

Suppose you chose TRACK 1 A for this. Copy, one by one, tracks 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 into it.


I higly recommend before doing this, a tip to avoid MIDI overflow, having too much notes starting exactly at the same time. Go to the function "note start time" and increase on track 2, 0,001 to all notes. 0,002 to all notes on track 3, 0,003 to all notes on track 4. And go on until track 16. So you'll have tiny differences on the start time of the notes on each one of the tracks

After this, you'll have a big bunch of MIDI sentences in this track. If notes are not too long, or too much clustered exactly on the same point, MIDI flow will be tight and clean.

Go to the MIDI screens of this pattern, and assign that track 1A as MULTI A.

Erase all tracks from 2 to 16.

Now you have all those tracks from 2 to 16, compressed on track 1. You can activate or deactivate them by separated.

If you used MULTI A, tracks now from 2 to 16, must be assigned to tracks 2 B to 16 B. Despite the tracks 2 A to 16 A are now empty, they still holding information about patch selection, pan and volume, that will affect the info inside the track MULTI A

Something, very, very cool!!!!:

Now you have free way to record 15 new tracks after all these operations. And the other tracks that were copied to MULTI A and then erased, can actually HOLD KNOB TWEAKINGS for all the patches inside Multi A!

Despite the tracks on Multi A, are not able to be muted, you have 15 triggers of note tweakings.


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